College can be a wonderful time in your life. Hanging out with friends and studying the subject you love is great! But we all know that college doesn’t come without its challenges. From late nights studying for tests, to problems with roommates, college can leave you stressed out and wondering why you ever decided to go in the first place. College Motivate wants to help you have a positive college experience. While there are many things about college that you cannot control, there are a surprisingly large amount of things you can control. Here at College Motivate we want to provide inspiration and motivation to help you take control of your college experience and make it the best it can be!College Motivate is a community where you can ask questions and share your experiences with others. Feel free to comment on the posts with questions or ideas. If you have a specific question or suggestion, head over to our contact page or email us at Thanks for being a part of the College Motivate community!